Osceola Woman Head2Toe 2016


Head 2 Toe You

Osceola Woman Magazine is celebrating its yearly show on September 10th 2016, where you can relax, unwind, and let loose in all the excitement. Here are some of the things going on in the show, just to name a few.



A huge part of what the Head 2 Toe show is, is centered around the natural beauty of women, and getting them to let it show. We will have top of the line all natural make ups, aestheticians, hair stylists, and physicians to help guide you in the direction you want your outward appearance to be, because we all know how important first impressions are. Independent dōTERRA and ItWorks consultants will be present at the show to help you become the beautiful woman you know you are, with their essential oil line, dietary supplements, It Works’s “crazy wrap thing” and Massageworks’s fantastic staff to help you with your hair and nails, you’d be hard pressed to leave not feeling a little more radiant!



Another big portion of what the show is all about, is the health of women. Here at Osceola Woman, we care about women’s health, and we know each of our health based vendors do too. This year, we will be having some of the most reputable doctors in central Florida to answer questions you may have, so be prepared with a list of your important questions.  Also, Walgreens, one of our proud sponsors, will be present at the show, with a nurse practitioner giving out flu shots, checking your blood pressure, and giving overall medical advice, along with Osceola Regional Medical Center and other local hospitals.  Everyone cares about their health, but to be able to relax while doing it is a plus too, which is why this year’s show will also feature local med spas, with licensed masseuses to give you’re the massage you’ve been wanting, and skin specialists to give you the best advice toward getting that glowing, radiant skin every woman wants!



Every girl loves to shop and Osceola Woman facilitates that desire at the Head 2 Toe show. We’ll be hosting the whole gamut of boutiques from around central Florida, like Branded B, Sincerely Yours, and Shore’s t, just to name a few. Like previous years, we will be hosting a fashion show featuring some of the trendiest clothing of today, and you will be surprised at who is escorting them down the catwalk! The fashion show gives you the opportunity to see some of the clothing that a lot of the boutiques there will be selling, from frivolous to conservative, we’re sure you’ll find something just for you!



Trying to find that “special something” to spice up your home décor? Or need anything major done to your home, like flooring, additions, or a remodel? The Head 2 Toe show has what you need! A granite countertop is everyone’s desire for their home, it’s easy to clean, looks great, and makes your kitchen or bathroom stand out from the basic white laminate. We will have vendors that can help you with your specific needs, and have lots of options to specifically match your home décor, or the things you plan to purchase at HEAD 2 TOE. Quinn Contractors will be there to assist with your questions about building a custom home to doing a remodel on your current home or addition. We at Osceola Woman know that you are always on the lookout for that niche piece of furniture to really give your home that extra flare, (because we are too!) so we want to help you find exactly what you’re looking for! We will have vendors that sell very specific pieces of furniture, from repurposed wood, invoking a rustic, western style, to metal works, which screams modern, and even a little bit of what they’ve made themselves. We’re ecstatic to see what will be in place at the show, (and maybe we’ll find that “special something” we’ve been looking for.)



Fitness. A topic that either stresses you out to no end, or makes you want to jump up and get active. Now more than ever, physical fitness is a stressor in life, due to obesity rates rising, chronic problems caused by lack of exercise, and a whole slew of other complications. With this in mind, don’t you want to be the healthiest, most fit version of yourself? It’s a no brainer, being fit will make you more confident, healthy, and happy, which is what we’re trying to facilitate at the Head 2 Toe show! We’ll have tons of fitness experts here to help you create a plan on becoming the best version of yourself, along with local gyms to help get you in to something affordable and accommodating, so you can work on yourself!

Florida is often regarded as one of the most eventful states in the nation, in terms of activities, and central Florida is the hub of that. If you want to get away from it all, there’s lakes you can take an airboat ride on, kayaking or even a quick drive to the beach. There’s no shortage of things to do here, and you can learn about them all at the Head 2 Toe show, coming September 10th. Save the date, we’d love to see you there!




Hear the buzz!

“As a vendor the first time several years ago, I wasn’t sure the Head2Toe Expo was going to offer me much; boy was I wrong!  The Head2Toe Expo completely exceeded my expectations in all aspects! From the venue facility, which is awesome, to the volume and caliber of people attending, it is THE premier expo for Osceola County for businesses to participate in!  Now I never miss this vendor opportunity and I am never disappointed because they continue to deliver an above and beyond event! I frequently see people who tell me they remember me from this show, over a year ago! ”

Deanna Roberts, Mary Kay

“Head 2 Toe helped us get Moffitt Cancer Center’s name out, and spread the word about our accreditation and international rating as one of the best cancer centers available. Head 2 Toe helped us network with hundreds of women, and make them aware of what Moffitt has to offer them in terms of treatment and care.”

-Rosa Holloway, Moffitt Cancer Center

“I was Pleasantly surprised at how much I sold during the show, I had initial doubts, but those were immediately squashed when the doors opened, and the ladies flooded in. Another bonus that the show provided to me that I didn’t expect to receive was the sheer amount of leads I generated. “

Patti Loeding, Myrtles



A day specifically for you!  Treat, pamper and indulge yourself in fun activities featuring exciting events like med spa treatments, a fashion show featuring a little “something extra” (hint: they’re hunks!), a cooking demonstration, and so much more!


How it All Started

Kena Blain had a vision to bring businesses and women together, and provide a fun environment to just let loose, so in 2012, Osceola Woman’s first Head2Toe event premiered at Osceola Heritage Park Exhibition Hall in Kissimmee, with 100 businesses participating.  Since then, the event has expanded to as many as 140 vendors from the Central Florida area, and it is still as exciting as ever! Many women make this event an annual tradition to spend time with their mothers, daughters or girlfriends and enjoy all the day has to offer.


What it Does for the Community

Each year we chose to partner with an incredible non-profit organization that gives back directly to the Osceola county community.  This year we would proudly like to announce that Christmas for the Kids Osceola is our chosen charity and will receive all proceeds made at the door.  This great organization provides toys and gift cards for homeless school age children in Osceola County during each Christmas season, a noble cause indeed.


What it Does for You

The Head2Toe show gives women the opportunity to enjoy, learn and have fun! With our lead sponsor Osceola Regional Medical Center, we are extending the opportunity to you to participate with interactive booths; get a massage, a makeover, buy a new outfit, while experiencing all kinds of local businesses. A true women’s day out, all in one location! This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of special show specials/discounts and you won’t leave empty handed because you will receive free goodies from different businesses!


Our Mission

Our goal is for women to walk away a little wiser, refreshed and perhaps a little healthier, having learned a great deal about their health and wellness. Who doesn’t like to receive a great promotional offer or better yet a massage?  An event like this takes a team of dedicated professionals and elite sponsors to make it all come together.  We are grateful for the tremendous amount of support we continue to receive each year.  We have lots of surprises for this year’s show and plenty of chances to win exciting prizes.  We hope to see you there for this fantastic opportunity!


Big Thank you to all our sponsors that help make this happen!