Valentine's Recipe-Cupid's Crunch


• 2 bags microwave popcorn
• 12 oz. bag Wilton candy melts (pink)
• 2 cups pretzels (broken into pieces)
• 1 1/2 cups M&Ms
• Valentine’s Day nonpareils/sprinkles
1. Pop popcorn, set aside. Be sure to pick any unpopped kernels out.
2. Melt the Wilton candy melts at 30 second intervals in the microwave.
3. Toss broken pretzels and M&Ms into the bowl with popcorn. Th en pour 1/2 the
melted candy over the top and combine with a rubber spatula.
(Two rubber spatulas work the best!)
4. Spread mixture out on a sheet of wax paper. Th en, drizzle remaining melted
candy over the top.
5. Sprinkle the nonpareils/sprinkles over popcorn.
6. Aft er the chocolate dries/fi rms up again, break into bits and store in an
airtight container (for about a week)
7. Th en Ready to Eat!