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New Year, New You, New Hairstyles and Trends – Yes, another year has come and gone! Now along with your fitness goals this new year, add spending 5-10 extra minutes on your hair in the morning. Remember, your hair is the crown you never take off. To help you out this year we put together a few celebrities inspired hair ideas that are not only easily mastered in a few simple steps, they don’t require a proper shampoo, blow-dry. Dry Shampoo is our BFF 🙂


  • Curl It

Classic Curls will never go out of style and they couldn’t be simpler!

  • Using a 1 1/4-inch curling iron take 2 inch vertical sections, wrap sections away from your face
  • Alternate curling directions – some pieces towards your face and away from your face
  • Let your curls set 5 minutes before running your fingers through them
  • Shake it out and spray Stay Strong hairspray 12 inches away from your hair.

*Remember to get the ends of your hair through the curling iron to avoid fish hooks*

  • Pin It

When we think new we think shiny! No, you don’t have to involve sparkly pins and headbands, but that’s half the fun! Even the messiest bun can get a polish upgrade with a little hair accessory. And if you aren’t a bling and jewels gal, showing off plain jane bobby pins is now something we are aiming for! Intentionally making triangle, chevron or hashtag designs for a last-minute touch is always fun.


  • Braid It

Braid it anyway, anyhow! Just remember our little pinch and pull trick to take your style up a notch. For the look to the left –

  • Rough your hair up with Dry Wash by Paul Mitchell to prep your hair.
  • Give yourself a deep side part on either side
  • French braid the deeper side from the hairline to the nape.
  • Finger comb strands on the other side into the braid and follow it down.
  • Leaving a little more than normal, tie off braid.
  • Starting at the bottom, pinch and pull each side, alternating on your way up to thicken and rough up your braid a bit. Top off with your favorite hairspray and your set!

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