Pink On Parade


pink-on-paradeIn October of the past four years, hundreds of people have laced up their tennis shoes, put on their pinkest attire and flooded the streets of Celebration for one reason, breast cancer.  These people are not only survivors, but supporters, families and friends who gather to help fight this disease.


Pink on Parade was brought to life in early 2013 by Dr. Olga Ivanov, Medical Director of the Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Florida Hospital Celebration Health.  Her vision was to get people together for a day to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.


The key to this event is that 100% of the funds raised stay here locally to benefit women who are battling this disease. These monies are used for research, mammograms and other resources that provide support to breast cancer patients treated at Florida Hospital.


pink-on-parade-2After completing research in 2012, Dr. Ivanov found that women who gain weight after treatment have an increased chance of reoccurrence of cancer.  She and her team put together a comprehensive wellness package that is offered to all women receiving cancer treatment at the Comprehensive Breast Health Center at Florida Hospital Celebration Health.  These services offered onsite, include nutritional consulting, metabolism testing, functional movement assessment, acupuncture and lymphatic massages.


“By providing wellness packages to breast cancer patients, we are helping each woman start on a true path to recovery by helping them take back control of their health,” said Dr. Ivanov. “And the best part is that the packages are completely funded through Pink on Parade!”


To date Pink on Parade has raised over $100,000 and just over 200 women have received this package after their treatment.  Linda Chisholm a former patient of Dr. Ivanov’s was a recipient of the wellness package. “When I first participated in Pink on Parade, I was walking for my neighbor who was battling breast cancer. The next year, I was diagnosed so we walked together for both of us.  I now walk for the women who are diagnosed after me because I know they will benefit just as much as I did from Pink on Parade.”


In 2015 Pink on Parade expanded from a walk into a timed 5k for both walkers and runners alike. Over the last three years, nearly 2,000 people have participated in the annual event which continues to grow each year.


“What is so great about this event is that all of the money raised stays right here.  It stays local to help women in our community, like me, get back to feeling like ourselves again,” said Linda Chisholm.


For more information about this event or to register, visit PinkOnParade.Com.