Circle of Hope is founded by two cancer survivors, Rosa Holloway
and Joan Tashbar, and based in St. Cloud has announced that
it will award two $10,000 research grants to two post-graduate
medical students attending Florida Medical Schools. The
recipients were chosen from a field of researchers who submitted
applications outlining their research projects. All grants awarded
by Circle of Hope for Cancer Research are not cancer specific, these
grants are awarded to the best and most in need research project
regardless of cancer type.
Circle of Hope will have two fundraisers; first one in September
and second in December. On September 24, 2016 at the St. Cloud
Royal Golf Links will be their Second Annual Golf Tournament. Their
second fundraiser will be held December 10, 2016 at Moss Park, this
will be a 10K/5K run. Anyone wishing to be a part of these events
and help raise funds for cancer research are welcome. Contact
Rosa Holloway 407-873-2070 and Joan Tashbar 407-620-6630