Jose Alvarez for Mayor of Kissimmee


Jose-AlvarezJose Alvarez

for Mayor of Kissimmee

Since being elected to the Kissimmee City Commission in 2012, small-business owner and community participant Jose Alvarez has been a strong proponent of economic development initiatives. Among other projects, he has supported Lakefront and Downtown revitalization efforts, the new Medical Arts District, and the modernization of Kissimmee’s municipal airport. “There’s no good reason that the closest airport to the most popular attractions and convention center in the world, can’t generate at least as many jobs and as much revenue as other municipal airports in Florida. This is but one example of where we’re not fully capitalizing on our fantastic resources” Alvarez said. Commissioner Alvarez also has an eye toward the future and is committed to capitalizing on the County’s efforts to make Osceola a hub for technology research and development. This and other factors has earned him endorsements from 4 County Commissioners as well as other elected, and business leaders.

In addition to his efforts to grow Kissimmee’s economy, Commissioner Alvarez is the City’s leading advocate on homelessness efforts. He represents Kissimmee on the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, has met with, and continues to learn from other officials that have made great strides in different parts of the country, and he dedicates much of his personal time to this fight. This year he was listed among Rethink Homelessness’s “Central Florida 40”.

Jose takes great pride in working with, and for, the community. Over the past 3 years, he has met with more residents and business owners than any other member of the City Commission. And as a positive consequence of this open door policy, he’s recorded more passed motions as well. From introducing the City’s first Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance program to rolling back-business inhibiting ordinances and helping new startups open and grow, Commissioner Alvarez has stayed very busy for the residents of Kissimmee. He also takes pride in the fact that the City has an A+ credit rating and works efficiently, and hasn’t raised the mileage rate on taxpayers during his time in office. He believes that fiscal responsibility is paramount to ensuring a bright future for Kissimmee and consistently advocates for a balanced approach when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars.

In addition to his role at City Hall, Jose serves on the Board of Directors for the Osceola Education Foundation, Help Now Osceola, Transition House, Osceola Arts, and the Hispanic Business Council. He also serves on the Transportation Committee for the National League of Cities, is the current Chair of the Transportation and Intergovernmental Relations Committee for the Florida League of Cities, and is an Alternate on Metro Plan Orlando’s Board of Directors. Additionally, Jose’s passion for expanding homeownership and preserving property rights has led him to serve on various executive committees within the Florida Association of Realtors. And in 2009 he served as President of the Osceola County Association of Realtors, where he still participates in community and industry improving efforts.

Commissioner Alvarez is a married father of 5 daughters and 20-year resident of Osceola County. He volunteers with several local non-profits and has served this community in one capacity or another for many of those years. Today he’s asking for your support in his bid to become the next Mayor of Kissimmee, where he’s sure to continue serving us well.

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