Quick Fix Breakfast and Lunch


We searched high and low – and found some of the best meal-prep recipes to help keep you on track in 2016.




Talk about set it and forget it. Overnight
oats are a delicious and healthy way
to start off your day. Best of all, if
you prep on Sunday, you’re ready
to just grab and go on those busy
weekday mornings.
Just mix either instant oats or steel cut
oats with the liquid of your choice, and
toppings – put in the fridge overnight,
and that’s it – that easy! We found a
huge array of recipes on Pinterest. One
favorite – which we adapted to our
liking – was a chocolate lovers dream:
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or
another milk of choice)
½ cup plain or vanilla low-fat Greek
2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup oats
Mix these all together, and let sit
overnight in a mason jar. In the morning,
add 2 tbs of natural agave, and mixers
like ground flax seed or chia




Another quick and simple way to make breakfast for a few days in one
sweep, is muffin-pan eggs. This one doesn’t need a recipe, but just some
hungry creative minds! Simply take a muffin pan, and spray with nonstick
cooking spray, such as Pam. In a bowl, mix eggs, and fillers, such
as fresh mushrooms and peppers, or chopped turkey. The world is your
oyster when it comes to fillers! Just make sure any meat is well-cooked.
Then, fill the muffin-pan with the egg mixture, making sure to not come
too close to the top, to avoid overflow. Bake for about 15 minutes on 350,
or until eggs are thoroughly cooked. We let ours sit for a few minutes
before popping them out. If you’re in the mood, top with sprinkled cheese
a few minutes before taking out. Yum!




Quinoa is a protein-packing grain, which can really be made delicious with some tasty add-ins. Our fave,
is Greek Quinoa Salad. Cook the quinoa to package directions, and when done, simply add olive oil,
Kalamata olives, chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, light feta cheese, lemon, and salt and pepper. The
amount of each ingredient is up to your taste buds.


TIP:  Go light on the feta and olives, which
have a higher fat and salt content.
Depending on the amount you make,
this can last you for a few days, and will
be super delish each time.


This is our editor’s fave! And, all it really requires is some
chopping and packaging. Pick 3-5 fresh, raw, vegetables, and cut
them to snack-size pieces. We prefer, cucumbers, red peppers,
carrots, and cherry tomatoes. Pack a good handful of each into
a to-go container. We also like to add a few boiled eggs, some
slices of protein, such as lean turkey meat or salami, and a whole
grain bread or pita. If you need some dipping motivation, mix
olive oil with your favorite dried herbs and salt.
Not only are these little boxes fun, but
you can switch them up weekly, so the
variety will keep you coming back
for more!