OWN Your Health and Financial Wellness


By Laura Royer, UF/IFAS Osceola County Extension Services

Ninety percent of all women become totally responsible for their own financial welfare at some point in their lives, yet women have lagged far behind men when it comes to successful management of personal finances and investing. The attitude of many women that someone will take care of their financial needs keeps them from becoming involved in their own financial future, often until death, divorce, job loss, illness or other events that thrust them into a financial disaster.

Because men and women view money differently, mostly because they process problems from different perspectives, it’s imperative that women understand the essential steps to overall financial management and wellbeing. Because women do not rest until a problem is resolved, we are less willing to take risks in general and tend to worry about money more than men. When a woman’s financial security is tested, fear often becomes a driving force behind financial decision making and that can further financial duress.

As a woman, I believe it’s time for women to start reaching out and getting the answers to questions they have concerning their financial health and wellbeing. It is a critical need and that is why our organization, the University of Florida in Osceola County is partnering up with the Osceola Woman’s Newspaper’s, Wells Fargo, Osceola Regional Medical Center and Community Vision to bring the “OWN Your Health and Financial Wellness” educational series in conjunction with OWN’s Annual Head 2 Toe event being held September 7, 2013. If you missed out last year, then you missed a great ‘treat yourself’ day for women and this year will only get better. Not only will you find all the fun ways to pamper yourself, the addition of these workshops and more vendors will provide attendees a chance to learn how to ‘OWN’ their health and financial success.

We will have expert presenters to talk about prominent health concerns that women are facing today, how to enhance your self-esteem and money topics such as getting a financial makeover, investing dollars, getting out of debt, and running a successful small business. We will also have a workshop that helps you discover your inner financial self and how that affects financial decision making in the household. You will walk away with tips and resources on how to improve managing money as a couple or individual and how to improve financial communication as whole.

Ladies, all of these topics are being offered with you in mind. This will be your chance better ‘manage your purse-strings’ and feel accomplished with your money, health and wellness. I hope you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity that is only being offered at the Head 2 Toe event, from 10:00 am to 4:00pm. The cost is only $8 for the entire day of fun if you register in advance. Also, if you sign up for one of the early morning sessions that starts at 8:30 am, you get a continental and have exclusive access to the vendor show 30 minutes before the general public. So bring your mom, grandmother, girlfriends and co-workers, because I can assure you this is an event you will not want to miss.

For more information or to register, check out www.ownhead2toe.com or call 407-891-9771.

Laura Royer is the Finance & Housing Agent for the University of Florida in Osceola County Extension. She can be reached at lero@ufl.edu or (321) 697-3000.