Women of Influence Luncheon

What better way to spend a Thursday afternoon than being surrounded by inspiring women, delicious food and the chance to win fabulous prizes? This was how women spent their time at the Osceola Woman Newspaper’s “Women of Influence” luncheon on February 21st! The “Women of Influence” luncheon, sponsored by Celebration Health Florida Hospital, is the first in a series of six luncheons. The goal for each of these luncheons is to inspire, motivate and empower women in Osceola County.

To kick off the luncheon, women headed on over to the Dillard’s Estee Lauder makeup station and received complimentary two minute makeup touch ups. Once they learned the latest trends from Estee Lauder, women made their way to their tables in time to start their meal and prepare for the guest speaker. Osceola Tax Collector, Patsy Heffner, shared her experiences “working in a man’s world” and even revealed some of her life lessons. One tip to help women be successful in the business world is to dress the part in order to be taken seriously. She shared some tips on how she has dressed for work throughout the years. Patsy also wanted women to understand that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn something from them and keep moving forward. “Some of the lessons we learn come from our failures,” Patsy said. Patsy’s greatest rule to live by is the golden rule — treat others the way you want to be treated. Her inspiring speech was given a standing ovation by the entire room.

Following Patsy’s speech were the exciting prize drawings! The room was full of excitement and suspense during each drawing. The prizes included: Silver Lining Café $50 Certificate, Dillard’s Guess Purse $125 value, Dillard’s Estee Lauder Gift Package $75, Dillard’s Estee Lauder Gift package $50, Dillard’s Estee Lauder Gift package $50, House of Envy Cowgirl Envy Flip Flops $150 value, and the final prize provided by Osceola Woman Newspaper- a Mini IPAD $ 300 + value. Who wouldn’t want to win those fabulous prizes?! Women also had the opportunity to mingle with vendors from Jewel Kade Jewelry, Sincerely Yours and Soul 2 Soul Massage Therapist. As they departed, women were given free swag bags filled with lots of goodies and coupons from local businesses.

The outpouring of positive reactions for the first “Women of Influence” luncheon has already created excitement and anticipation for part two of this series! Special thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to this inspiring event. If you attended this luncheon, we would like to hear your feedback! Feel free to post your feedback and suggestions on our Facebook page: Osceola Woman Newspaper. Stay tuned for our next luncheon; you won’t want to miss it!

Thank You to all who made
this luncheon possible